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Q. How long does your securing and locating services take?

A. Our services take 4-8 weeks and can sometimes be longer depending on unit availability, and complex response time. If any delays persist you will be notified and updated. Updates for this service are biweekly on Fridays after 5pm EST.

Q. What monthly rental budget do you all accept for locator and turnkey units?

A. Please keep your budget $1800 and up for quality units. If you have a budget of anything less we suggest stacking a little more funds before proceeding with our services. 

Q. Do you offer contracts with turnkey clients?

A. Yes, we do 

Q. What does the turn key package entail?

A. Services include :

•1-2 Bedroom furniture

•Bedding (2 sheet set , 2 pillow case set , 2 comforters )

•Decor Pillows

•living room furniture

•2 Televisions ( $350 per additional tv)

•Kitchen supplies (silver wear, garbage can, dish rack, pot set, plates, and glass cups)

•Decor (including wall decor)

•securing agreement w addendum

•locating services (profitable area)

•Listing on 2 platforms

•Professional Photoshoot of unit

•Maid service reference


For 3 bedrooms and up

•a brosure pamphlet of your unit

•1-3  page Website

•Company logo

•1 free maid service

•Video tour of unit


Q. Can you secure luxury Turnkey properties (ex mansions and 4+ bedrooms)?

A. Yes pricing is 28k+ for this service.

Q. How am I updated with listings and how often?

A. We give biweekly updates via our portal . Once you've purchased a service from us you will be added to our portal and sent an invite. This is where we will have all communication. 

Q. With turnkey services whats included?

A. You will receive full furnishings and a full set up according to the amount of bedrooms. Turnkeys also come with technology installs which include locks and ring door bell. We also add your unit to up to 2 booking platforms. For our 25k Turnkey clients you will receive a logo, photoshoot, and website for your listing. 

Q. What comes with the $1800 package?

A. We will just be securing and locating your unit. 

Q.Whats your corporate process?

A. *Once you select the package you’re interested in from us an agreement and invoice is sent over . We currently have an $1800 package as well as two turnkey packages .Our $1800 package entails securing, locating, as well as sending a cleaning reference.

Our 2 bedroom Turnkey option entails us securing, locating, staging, and furnishing the unit in the city and state you desire. All 3 bedroom+ turnkeys do come with Schlage locks, a 1-2 page website, listing assistance for up to 2 booking platforms, as well as a photoshoot for the unit.

*Once your agreement is signed and invoice paid we ’ll then begin locating the unit in the city and state you’ re interested in and give you biweekly updates if you purchased our smaller package and weekly updates for our turnkey clients . All updates will be sent via our portal. You will receive access to the portal once everything is submitted on your end.

*Once we locate the unit and you approve of the listing we will begin setting up tours/virtual tours, going over the fees, and details. Our final steps will be to discuss your profit margins and we’ll then begin securing under your llc and or name (if you don't have an LLC). The rest of this process will vary for our Turnkey clients so additional details will be discussed.

Q. Whats needed to secure the properties and turnkeys?

A. **In order to proceed you’ll have to have a personal credit score of at least 580. If you don't you will need

to have Your LLC , EIN/Tax ID, an 80 Paydex on NAV and a Duns Number . Some time tax returns are needed as well (if you don't have tax returns please notify us). Also be sure to have proof of income and bank statements on hand. ** If you don't have the following please email us we will schedule a consult to discuss your options.

Q. Do you have a refund policy?

A. WE DO NOT PROVIDE REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON BECAUSE WE REQUIRE COMPENSATION FOR ANY WORK/EFFORT THAT WE PUT IN! NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVING AT ALL (please make sure you will like to work with us because no refunds will be giving after payment is received ) If you've purchased a class and ask for a refund  it will not be refunded you will have to take the class. 

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