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During your 4 month coaching session you will learn :


  • The importance of shifting your mindset when it comes to removing negative beliefs and mental blockages that you’ve placed on yourself throughout your life.
  • How to utilize your natural born talents/skills to benefit you.
  • How to be taken  serious as a woman in this world.
  • How to properly heal your trauma in order to become your highest self. 
  • Opening up your mind and raising your Vibration to manifest and get what you DESERVE this lifetime!
  • How to stop chasing the “bag” and how to naturally attract it with ease .
  • How to establish a wealthy mindset that positions you to be magnet for success and fortune.
  • The importance of making the proper most  profitable investments.


*Includes weekly reiki healing therapy

Wealth Coaching Course

$3,000.00 Regular Price
$1,500.00Sale Price
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